America's Most Haunted

Comedy | 85 minutes | 2013 | HD

Festivals & Awards

Winner: Silver Ace Award, Las Vegas Film Festival
Seattle True Independent Film Festival
Gen Con Indy Film Festival
Grand Rapids Film Festival
Vegas Indie Film Festival

Cast & Credits

James Karen (The Pursuit of Happyness / Mulholland Dr.)
Brittany Risner (What If...)
David Gries (Broken)

Directed by Chris Randall
Producers: Keith Golinski, Joe Anderson, Chris Randall & Jason Roth
Director of Photography: Keith Golinski
Screenplay: Joe Anderson & Chris Randall
Music: Greg Poltrock
Visual Effects: Andre Guimond


A popular ghost-hunting show, "America's Most Haunted," has questionable methods, "proof" that does not hold up to careful scrutiny, and a crew that doesn’t believe in ghosts. However, on their next assignment, the AMH crew is about to discover something unusual -- a place that may actually be haunted.