A Girl, A Guy, A Space Helmet

Fantasy/Romantic Comedy | 88 minutes | 2012 | HD

Festivals & Awards

Winner: Best Picture & Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cast, Maryville Film Festival
Winner: Best Picture, Nyack Film Festival
Winner: Best Actor, Sunset Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Anthony Backman (Thug In Love)
Kip Weeks (The Strangers)
Tara Platt (The Call)
Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10: Omniverse / Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1)
Rini Bell (Bring It On)
Carrie Keranen (Mr. Pickles)

Written & Directed by Mike Timm (It’s a Beach Thing)
Producers: Anthony Backman & Mike Timm
Composer: Gabriel Hays (7 Deadly Sins)


Love is out thereā€¦ Way out there.

Walter Kipling is an introverted yet determined inventor at Zspace Industries with a dream of being a hero in space exploration. When he's passed over for a fellowship on an upcoming launch in favor of the beautiful Katherine White, Walter returns to his daily grind in the math lab. But when Shuttle 9 goes missing, Walter and his childhood solar-powered space helmet may be Katherine's only chance for coming back to Earth alive. Walter will have one desperate last chance to be the "somebody" he dreamed.

Note: A color version will be available June 1, 2018.