Action, Featured, Sci-Fi | 105 minutes | 2023 | 4K | USA


Is she one or many? 

When her dad dies suddenly, CIA agent Tara Croydon decides to undergo a surgery that will genetically transform her into a superspy. Tara is now able to shift into different identities, morphing her outward appearance to fit into multiple missions.  As she continues her quest to discover the truth about her own family, she starts questioning the true nature of the operation amidst her nefarious boss's actions and her father's sudden death.

April 28, 2023: Shifter has just completed post-production and is now Ready For Delivery. Screener available upon request.

Cast & Credits

Alanna Fox (Black-ish / Grand Hotel)
Sasha Jackson (Rich Boy, Rich Girl)
Shuang Hu (The Family Law / Five Blind Dates)
Hugo Medina (The Bridge)
Samantha Grace Miller (Destined to Ride)

Directed by Matthew Marder
Producers: Matthew Marder & Adam Chase Cohen