Jacks & Jills

Documentary, Featured | 55 minutes | 2024 | 4K | USA


We follow determined ‘Lumberjacks’ and ‘Lumberjills’ from their homes and training grounds to the Lumberjack World Championships and see what it takes to be crowned victorious amongst some of the greatest loggers and sawyers in the world.

This documentary reveals so much more than simple competition. Lumberjacking is bigger than timber and steel. It is a mastery of the elements and mastery of self.

Note: Jacks & Jills is in the final stages of post-production.

Screener available upon request.

Cast & Credits

Dave Jewett, Abby Hoeschler Delaney, Elizabeth Hoeschler-Horvitz, Judy Hoeschler

Directed by Adam Harbottle
Producer: Tyler Jackson
Director of Photography: Tim Anderson