Virtual Man

Romantic | 73 minutes | 2002 | HD

Festivals & Awards

Winner: Best of the Festival, Berkeley Video & Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Jason Cole (Joan of Arcadia / PBS‚ The Sensible Thing)
Steven W.Bailey (Grey's Anatomy / My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé / Will & Grace / Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Mary Christina Brown (Dark Island / Blood and Bone)

Written & Directed by: Phil Gorn (S.F. / Coming of Age)
Producers: Phil Gorn & Jacquie Schmall
Director of Photography: Gary Rohan (Bustin' Down the Door)
Set Design: Elise Robertson: (The Good Humor Man)
Editors: Phil Gorn & Kim Bica
Music: Pfilbryte


When things seem to be going better than usual, you’d better make sure you aren’t just dreaming.

An obsessive daydreamer fantasizes about wild adventures and saving scantily dressed women in distress. In reality, AL is a computer dork going nowhere slowly. He has one friend, no girl and a job he hates. Then he suddenly finds himself dating the girl of his dreams. But even love comes with a few problems. JEANIE has a gambling problem and an angry bookie looking to collect. Al surprises himself with his ability to hold his own in this new underworld, while staying one step ahead of the bookie. There’s just one thing that keeps nagging at Al: he isn't positive if Jeanie and the bookie are real or a product of his overheated imagination.


United States of America