The Rapture

Feature | 90 minutes | 2008 | HD

Festivals & Awards

Ohio Independent Film Festival
Wreck Beach International Film Festival (Ontario)
The IndieGathering Film Festival (Ohio)
RadCon Sci-Fi Fantasy Convention
Cinema Wasteland
The Rapture trailer won a Bronze Telly Award and a Bronze Telly Music Award.

Cast & Credits

George Tutie
Brian Richeson
Annie Kitral

Directed & Edited by: Johnny K. Wu
Produced By: Jeff Yanik, Chandler Chapman, Christine Chapman, Tom Luhtala, Andrew Sokol & Andrew Schofiel
Director of Photography: Peter Sampson & William Johns
Screenplay: Johnny K. Wu And James V. Geier
Music: Aryavarta Kumar


Two scientifically engineered humans with special powers escape from a military base. One possesses wings that enable him to fly and to shoot feathers as daggers. The other has a scorpion-like tail that enables him to project energy blasts. As they struggle to remain free, the military and an organized crime boss attempt to capture them and use them for their own purposes.


United States of America

Release Info

2014 HD re-release (shot HD but not previously available in HD)