Romantic Comedy | 92 minutes | 2021 | 8K | 5.1 | United States Of America

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Cast & Credits

Mya Hudson (introducing)
Cooper Tomlinson (introducing)
Crystal Carson (Who’s That Girl / General Hospital)
Melanie Specht (Transformers: Age of Extinction)
DC Glenn (Whoomp! There It Is / Elf)
Christopher Showerman (George of the Jungle 2)
Ian Lauer (Enter The Fire)
Teresa Navarro (Enter The Fire)
James Huang (Nightcrawler / Lost)

Writer, Producer, Editor & Director: Phil Gorn (Enter The Fire)
Writer, Set Design, Production Manager & Producer: Kirk Zeller (The Picture of Daria Gray)
Director of Photography: Christopher Gosch (The Creatress)
Casting, Acting Coach & Assistant Director: Crystal Carson
Music: Dom Capuano (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Pokémon)


It took a lockdown to unlock their hearts.

#MyCorona is a romantic comedy set in the days leading up to and during California’s stay-at-home. The story revolves around isolated residents in a Los Angeles apartment building who suddenly find themselves forced to rely on each other during this stressful, unprecedented time. They are about to learn a lot about themselves as well as their rather unusual neighbors.

Production note: The entire film was directed remotely using the videoconferencing technology. Camera feeds were relayed to the director via a Google Meet connection while communication with the cast and crew was done via FaceTime.

From director Phil Gorn: “I directed from my office in San Francisco via FaceTime and the production was in Nebraska and Los Angeles. I believe when we filmed in May 2020 that #MyCorona was the first feature film to be directed entirely remotely.”

Completion date: November 20, 2020.