Family Of Mischief

Family/Comedy/Animation | 88 minutes | 2017 | HD

Cast & Credits

3 Adam
Murat Boz
Yılmaz Vural
Mahmut Tuncer

Directed by H. Can Dizdaroğlu & Berk Tokay
Written by H. Can Dizdaroğlu


Saving their village one small step at a time.

Set in Middle Earth, the adventure begins in a village surrounded by a magical forest full of strange creatures. When all of the women in the clans are kidnapped by an evil Orc lord, Tarumar, Sabri and his friends come to their rescue, attempting to fight and outwit the form-changing creatures. In this quest, Sabri and his friends will find strengths they didn’t know they had as well as realize the importance of the women in their lives.

In Turkish with English, French and German subtitles.