Thriller | 97 minutes | 2019 | 4K

Festivals & Awards

Action On Film MegaFest
Winner: Best Editing
Nominated: Best Action Sequence Martial Arts, Best Special Effects, Best Supporting Actress

Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival
Nominated: Best Editing, Best Action Sequence Martial Arts, Best Actress, Best Soundtrack, Best Breakout Action Star

Cast & Credits

Sara Torres (Your Worst Nightmare / The Vampire Diaries)
David Whalen (The Fault in Our Stars)
Arash Mokhtar (Instinct / Blacklist / Madam Secretary)
Matthew McCurdy (Daredevil)

Written, Produced & Directed by Giuseppe Lucarelli
Co-Director: David Minniefield
Executive Producer: Ned Gusty
Director of Photography: Bill Feduska


A notorious serial killer is hired to kidnap the daughter of Pittsburgh's Chief of Police when the chief takes up the charge against human trafficking in his city. Meanwhile, a master martial artist finds himself pulled into the game of cat and mouse.