Bluegrass Spirits

Drama | 101 minutes | 2020 | 4K | 5.1 | United States Of America

Cast & Credits

Jake Busey (Stranger Things / Starship Troopers)
Myles Clohessy (Instinct)
Rogelio Douglas Jr. (Madonna and the Breakfast Club)
Nellie Barnett (Gone Are The Days)
Brianne Cordaro (Nashville)

Written & Directed by Jonny Walls
Producers: Aaron Champion & Zac Heath


A bourbon-based drama with a paranormal twist.

Bluegrass Spirits is the story of a recovering alcoholic who owns a failing bourbon distillery and meets a ghost hunter. Their conflicting views on belief and disbelief will come to a head when the ghost hunter is allowed to run a guided ghost tour of the distillery, which is said to be haunted, in exchange for a portion of the profits. Through a series of ghost hunts around the Bluegrass, which are equal parts hilarious and emotional, the two will be confronted with their own personal ghosts and have to deal with them in their own ways.

Director’s note: This is not a traditional ghost story. While this film does dabble in the curious world of the paranormal, and literal ghost hunts and paranormal encounters are depicted at various points in the film, Bluegrass Spirits is a slice-of-life/character piece about grief, the symbolic ghosts that we all carry, and one man's quest for redemption in the wake of a terrible loss.