A Matter Of Causality

Thriller | 104 minutes | 2020 | 4K | United Kingdom

Cast & Credits

Juliette Boor (Being Grace)
Isabel Nesti (The Vixens)
Brigt Skettingland (Vidar the Vampire)
Brian James Twiddy (introducing)
Katrina Anne Ward (Being Grace)

Written, Produced & Directed by Annarie Boor
Director of Photography, Producer & Editor: Simon Boor


Who controls the fear?

Professor Addington and a group of trainee medical psychologists pursue the case of a teenage girl, Lai, who seems to have unusual mental abilities.

It soon becomes clear that Lai is manipulating them in ways they are not able to control. With several unexplained deaths, the team find themselves in a race against time to counter the deadly impact of exposure from this disturbed young mind.

In post-production. Completion date: April 2020.